[Digikam-users] Folders, albums and collections

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jun 19 10:15:31 BST 2015

On Friday 19 June 2015 10:30:47 Agustin Lobo wrote:
> First, this is a design suggestion, yes. And designing according to
> user's experiences is the most fundamental advantage
> for developers of OSS. 

> Your view of "you like it, you use it; you
> don't like it, use something else" is, besides being unnecessarily
> rude ,  totally opposed to OSS philosophy.

As you say, that is _my_view_; you can disagree with it, of course, and 
apparently you do. Calling it rude, well, that's your opinion. I was just 
trying to point you to a program that seemed closer to the way you wanted 
things done. I won't go into any discussion of "OSS philosophy".

> Second, I was obviously referring to file management. Obviously, the
> editing tasks must change files. But this would rarely be
> an unintended action (although Digikam has the means of protecting the
> user of eventual errors in this case), while
> deleting an Album while thinking  you are deleting just something
> internal to Digikam can easily happen.

And you did miss my point about the culling, which is where I at least want 
to physically and permanently delete files that are either fails or almost-
duplicates. And as those are raw files, I'd rather do that from within 
Digikam. Same for experimental edits taht I want to get rid of (disk space 
is cheap, but keeping all images and every possible edit it comsuming it a 
bit too fast for my taste).

Well, I probably offended you again with my differing opinions...
Guess I'll shut up now


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