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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 09:48:42 BST 2015

2015-06-19 10:41 GMT+02:00 Agustin Lobo <alobolistas at gmail.com>:

> I can see your point. Every option has advantages and disadvantages.
> Perhaps, considering virtual Albums do exist in Digikam already, it
> could be possible
> offering the option of always making virtual Albums and never use "hard"
> Albums.
> The decision would be up to the user.
> What I would do for sure is not using the term "Albums" for "hard"
> Albums as they
> are just Folders. Using the term folder would make it clear that the
> user is dealing with
> the structure of its disk, not with something internal to Digikam. if
> Album is identical to folder,
> using that term increases complexity with no gain of information, thus
> increases confusion.

Debate about this kind of typo is ridiculous. We have well "My Images" dir
on your home directory, and there is no problem with it. Album want mean a
directory where i know that i only put multimedia files. That all. It's
simple to understand...

Gilles Caulier

>> Very dangerous. I suggest that, in the future, all Albums be virtual.
>> That is, initially you get Albums matching folders, but removing
>> Albums should not
>> imply removing folders. Removing folders should be done by using the OS.
>> Digikam
>> should deal with managing its database only.
>> Note that for most users (specially novice users) having Albums and
>> Virtual Albums can be confusing,
>> and they could easily think that they are removing a virtual Album
>> while they are removing a folder... with its pictures.
>> Agus
> No, I do not agree at all.
> That digikam reflects the directories and files just naturally, as they
> in the file system, is one of its great advantages. It makes everything
> transparent and easy to maintain. One can use/move/add/delete folders and
> files also outside of digikam using the file system or saving from an
> application (like gimp etc.) into folders/albums. Backup is easy too, this
> way.
> If I delete an image or a folder I want to have it deleted. It's my
> computer, not facebook or google.
> I don't want "deleted" and deleted things, and in the end not knowing if
> something is really deleted or not, respectively having to use another
> application to clean up and synchronize file system with "virtual stuff".
> don't want to have other folder names than those that physically appear on
> my HD.
> A virtual album view would be another layer, making things even more
> complicated. More database access, slower, more possibilities for errors
> bad synchronization... no, thanks.
> No no, just keep it as is, digikam!
> Daniel
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