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And why moving from one album to another on the same device is so slow process?
I expect that this operation like moving on the filesystem is an easy operation.
If i move files on file system they are not copied, so operation is quick, but then it takes
some time to digikam make thumbnails, it's clear. But when I do this via digikam,
it should not rebuild thumbnails, it should use already existed.
So it's where further improvement can be made.



Втр 16 Июн 2015 18:05:59 +0300, Agustin Lobo  написал:
I'm a bit confused by the relationships between the concepts
of folder, album and collection in Digikam.  For example,
if I have my pictures in folders in an external drive,
would each folder become an Album in Digikam? Would sub-folders
become sub-albums?
Are the pictures actually copied to the albums? Or do the pictures
remain in their original folders and just meta-data and thumbnails
are integrated in the db?
And what's a collection? Just a set of folders?

All this is not clear in the manual and it is important before the beginner user
decides the structure of its DB.


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