[Digikam-users] Transfering Digikam to a new computer

Peter Albrecht peter at crazymonkeys.de
Mon Jun 1 19:13:08 BST 2015

Hi Juanita,

"counter after each tag":

  - go to "Settings" -> "Configure digikam..."
  - on the left select "Album View"
  - and check "[x] Show a count of items in Tree Views"

"missing tags":

Digikam or Exiv2 sometimes misses to write some metadata to 
the image files. (Could not reliable reproduce this, but it 
happens some times.)
To make sure all tags are written to the images, in your old 
digikam 4.5 installation:

  - make sure, you have a valid backup of your images and
    digikam db ;)
  - go to "Tags" in the left side view
  - click "Open Tag Manager"
  - click "Sync Export"
  - click "Write tags from Database to Image"

Than you have to copy all of your images to your new 
computer again.

Hope this helps.


On 29.05.2015 19:06, Juanita Hubbard wrote:
> I run digikam on Windows 8.0 and want to transfer my digicam installation to a
> new computer.  I have written the metadata to the images and copied that to the
> pictures directory on the new computer.  Unfortunately, the grouping information
> did not transfer and some of the tags seem to have disappeared.  Also, in the
> old installation, there is a count after each tag showing how many images are
> assigned that tag.  This is missing from the new installation.  The old
> installation is 4.5 whereas the new is 4.10.  I really need those numbers as I
> use them to check to make sure I have all images tagged as I want them.  Please
> help.
> Windows 8 32 bit
> digikam 4.5 and digikam 4.10
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