[Digikam-users] Unwanted rating with the mouse

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 01:18:09 BST 2015

Is there a way to deactivate the rating with simple clic in thumbnail view?
Quite often, I click on one of the star when I only want to select a
picture, and I unvolontarily modify the rating. Problem is there is no
'undo' function, and I have no way to remember what the rating was before
the click. Moreover, if there was a filter on the rating, the picture has
disappeared from my selection...

I have the same kind of problem with the click 'in' the thumbnail that
opens the full view instead of selecting the picture, but at least this
doesn't change any picture information.

Unfortunately, when I'm tagging hundreds of pictures, my clicks are not
very accurate...

Thanks for your answer.

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