[Digikam-users] Rename not working on Dual Format

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Tue Jul 14 14:47:23 BST 2015

I don't think I am trying to force anything, I have selected Customise, 
with PIC[date] and then Auto-creation of Albums with Extension-based 
sub-albums ticked.

On 14/07/15 14:23, Remco Viƫtor wrote:
> On Saturday 11 July 2015 23:29:54 Mick Sulley wrote:
>> The string is PIC[date].  As I said it works fine for single format but
>> jpeg and raw it just doesn't rename.  I just tried running it from
>> command line and doing an import, here is the output -
> (...)
> Not seeing the exact formats you use for the renaming, I have to guess.
> Is there a chance you try to force the extension (instead of just using the
> original extension)? (i.e. you tell the rename command to use .jpg as
> extension, no matter what) That would work fine with the older camera, not
> witht he newere where you have 2 files with names that only differ in their
> extensions.
> Regards
> Remco
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