[Digikam-users] Put Digikam in read-only mode

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May be considered a semantic question.In *nix (remembering we have users of Redmonds filesystems as well) the filename is in the directory (inode), not the file itself. So changing the name doesn't touch the file or its contents. Moving it to another filesystem is another matter altogether.
Of more immediate concern to us here is that directory attributes allow you to not only rename but delete the file(s). You have the option on (some ?)  Linux filesystems to make a file immutable - even root can't modify (or delete/rename) it if you do that ....  ;-)A decent backup strategy might be easier to live with.

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If you can rename it, it's not really read-only is it?

Losing the ability to rename is not a loss if the goal is zero
modifications. The original file name is part of the original raw

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