[Digikam-users] Renaming files

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Wed Jul 8 17:18:37 BST 2015

On Wed, 8 Jul 2015 10:42:19 -0500
Alan Pater <alan.pater at gmail.com> wrote:

> A bit off topic, but I'm curious as to what the advantage there is
> in renaming image files? All that information is already in the
> metadata which can include descriptions, tags, hierarchical
> keywords, location, people, animals, etc, etc. The images can be
> organized and sorted using the metadata and ignoring the filenames.

Yes and no.

1. Software come and go. I was using Bibble for a couple of years
when they got purchased by Corel and everything went downhill from
there. I have used Lightroom for 5 years but I do not want the new CC
where I have to rent the software by the month, just to be able to
print with a "proper crop". I can't even just rent LR by itself, I
also have to get Photoshop. What if I want to stop using it?

2. This naming scheme makes it easy to do the weekly backup and
restore the images. Over the years, I have crashed/replace/upgrade
drives 4 times. I do not need to restore everything at once. Only
what I "really" need. Then I did the "rest of the restore" over the
weekend when I had plenty of time. I can do (and have done) a bare
metal recovery (that's from a blank hard drive) in less than 3 hours
and be back "live".

3. This naming scheme makes it easy to understand what we are talking
about. Not just by me but my family. They don't how IPTC from XMP
from EXIF...



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