[Digikam-users] Group by filename

Florian Hennig flo.hennig at gmail.com
Mon Jan 26 22:10:27 GMT 2015

On 26.01.2015 23:04, Ulf Rompe wrote:
> Hi all,
> we would like to get some feedback on a patch we have been working on
> for quite some time now. It introduces a configurable "group by
> filename" action to the album view which lets you automatically combine
> files with matching name parts into a group.
> A filename based grouping feature is key for our workflow, and we could
> imagine lots of use cases for other people's workflows. In fact, we
> found the feature request we attached the patch to after implementing a
> first version for our own purpose, so it seems there is at least some
> demand for it.
> Find a short screencast of the current functionality here:
> https://plus.google.com/107260423308980038020/posts/GgpPK27Y3fq
> As you can see, there are three configuration options:
>  1. The default setting is set up to combine RAW and JPEG files. If you
>     have 123.nef and 123.jpg in your current selection, they will be
>     grouped, leaving 123.jpg on top.
>  2. The second option configures grouping of files featuring common
>     appendices added by well known image editors. If you have, for
>     example, some of 123.jpg, 123_v1.jpg, 123-Edit.jpg, 123_shotwell.jpg
>     and "123 (edited).jpg" in your current selection, they will be grouped.
>  3. The third option is for advanced users, giving you the option to
>     manually tweak the expression used for the matching. The editable
>     pulldown is already populated with the expressions used to realize
>     the two options described above as well as an example that
>     implements our very own grouping logic. Whatever you try here, the
>     previous state will always be remembered and accessible through the
>     pulldown. Just fool around and see what happens.
> Technically, this feature is implemented as a patch against digiKam
> core. While we would have loved to implement it as a plugin, we didn't
> find a way to hook a plugin into the album view and the context menu.
> The flexible matching part is based on the popular regular expression
> syntax. Gilles, we know you are not a fan of regular expressions, but we
> couldn't think of another way to achieve a flexible matcher like this
> without overcomplicating things. We just hope that if you would totally
> hate regular expressions you would have closed the feature request
> #318357 before someone accepted the challenge to work on it. Of course,
> the offer I made in my comment to the G+ post above still holds.
> While we consider the patch ready for prime time now, we would like to hear:
>  1. Is the UI intuitive enough, especially from a KDE point of view?
>  2. Could you think of other predefined grouping options than the two
>     introduced above? Of course we would like to serve most users with
>     easy defaults, leaving the manual expression editing to power users.
>  3. Would it be realistic to get the feature into digiKam in the near
>     future?
> Best regards, Ulf
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Hey Ulf!

Thanks for working on that feature. It is one of the things I really 
miss in digikam.
Are you going to implement group options like "Delete group" or "Add Tag 
to group" too, because for me grouping is not really useful if I can not 
apply actions to the group.


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