[Digikam-users] crazy thumbnail syndrome

Gian Paolo Sanino Vattier gpsanino at vtr.net
Tue Jan 20 15:21:11 GMT 2015

it has been some time already that I was loosing some photos I was sure
I had. This was the cause but took time to really notice it properly. So
Mark, for me this is a bug because DK should be able to show the entire
content despite the "sorting" settings and certainly the switching
mouse-over effect adds uncertainty of what you see.
> Can you have a look and see if the album dates are out of sync for the albums that don't show correct thumbnails? 

Anders, I have no idea how an album can be "on sync" with some date.
With what date should they be synced? I enabled the tool-tip feature for
albums and files. Then with the mouse over the albums I can see a date
assigned to each of them. I found albums with and without the issue,
sharing the same date.
However, your hint had results. I do not know what it means but I set
the combination of problems (images sorted by Date and grouped by
albums) then opened the properties of an album that as a sub-tree it
showed lesser thumbnails than its counter stated. There as date I set
"Oldest" and accepted. Magic, the folder now shows all. Checked this
with other folders, like one with mouse-over issue, and set the album
date to "Newest", with the same healing result. Same with other albums.

In conclusion it did not matter what date I assigned to the album, but
just by assigning one, all the weird symptoms of this syndrome were
gone. I really do not know what differences an image made since this
happened with files sharing the same dates (creation and modification)
with some having mouse.over issues and other do not. Same about the
album dates. All I see is that assigning a date to the album, solves the

When creating an album in DK, a date is always assigned from what I
recall. But maybe this rises up when creating a folder externally (with
a file manager) under a tree that is managed by DK. I am just
speculating but perhaps these folders have different date properties for
DK. No idea really, but at least by assigning a date on album
properties, solves their thumbnails issues when visualized as sub-trees
with images sorted by date and grouped by albums.

On 01/20/2015 03:12 AM, Anders Stedtlund wrote:
> Hi,
> Can you have a look and see if the album dates are out of sync for the
> albums that don't show correct thumbnails?
> /Anders
> Den 20 jan 2015 07:00 skrev "Mark Fraser" <mfraz74+kde at gmail.com
> <mailto:mfraz74%2Bkde at gmail.com>>:
>     On 19 Jan 2015 20:13, "Gian Paolo Sanino Vattier"
>     <gpsanino at vtr.net <mailto:gpsanino at vtr.net>> wrote:
>     >
>     > Hi all,
>     > This sounds like a total nightmare but I found some hints that
>     could lead to a solution. We can simplify the definition of a
>     syndrome as a set of symptoms that seems to be related by a common
>     cause. My DK is experiencing several symptoms that seems to have a
>     common cause despite their differences.
>     The symptoms you reported sound exactly like the problems I've
>     been having since upgrading to 4.5 and I'm sure I reported it to
>     this mailing list at the same time.
>     Good to see someone else is now seeing it, perhaps I should now
>     file a bug report.
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