[Digikam-users] mouse "stuck" in image editor

Dr. Martin Senftleben drmartinus at drmartinus.de
Sat Jan 10 20:45:00 GMT 2015

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I'm running digkam 4.5 under KDE 4.14.3, 64bit. I am a bit upset,
because it is practically impossible to use the mouse in order to
select a portion of a picture.
When I go over the image, immdiately a selection frame is opened of an
appearently arbitrary size, that I can change in size by clicking and
holding the boxes along the lines, but as soon as I let them go, the
selection frame moves somewhere else, and the movement of the mouse
(without having clicked any button) changes the frame's dimension.
It's basically as if I would press a mouse button, but I don't. This
behaviour is only in the image editor.

Any ideas?

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