[Digikam-users] image editor, toggle display size has no effect

Daniel Bauer linux at daniel-bauer.com
Wed Jan 7 12:03:38 GMT 2015

Am 06.01.2015 um 23:33 schrieb Maik Qualmann:
> Daniel Bauer <linux at ...> writes:
>> now in image editor the former toggle 100%<->screen size does not toggle
>> anymore. To view 100% I must select 100% from the list at the right.
>> Then I can use the ex-toggle to go back to screen size, but not to go to
>> 100% again...
>> What happened?
> Unfortunately, I do not understand exactly this problem.
> I have changed the behavior of zoom 100% ("Ctrl + ,") that now changes
> between 100% and fit to window. It should otherwise have not changed. How
> accurate was the way they work?
> Maik

I wasn't aware about "ctrl ,", thanks.

I was referring to the small button on bottom of the editor window, left 
to the "+/- magnifiers".

A click on this before (in dk 3.2 and earlier) toggled between 100% and 
fit to window and it worked perfectly, always - exactly like "ctrl ," 
but now it works only one way: back to fit to screen from any zoom 
value, but not anymore to switch from fit to screen to 100%...

I loved the mouse-toggle because I use only the mouse for most of the 
things I do in dk. Would be nice to have it back...

Meanwhile I can live with the "ctrl ," although my brain slowly but 
surely gets saturated by all those shortcuts that are different in each 
and every program (for example in Gimp: "1" for 100%, "ctrl-shift-J" for 
fit in window... etc.)


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