[Digikam-users] Why all the acdsee error messages?

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 23:50:37 GMT 2015

2016-01-01 0:26 GMT+01:00 Andreas T. Ege <andreas at spheniscid.net>:

> Hi there,
> > digikam(31597)/KEXIV2: Cannot find Xmp key 'Xmp.acdsee.categories' into
> > image using Exiv2   (Error # 35 :  No namespace info available for XMP
> > prefix `acdsee'
> >
> Can't help with that.
> This is due to the registration of ACDSee XMP namespace in digiKam which
do not exist in you Exiv2 library (0.24 i suspose).

This has no effect in digiKam workflow. DK try to use this namespace and
Exiv2 generate an exception because namespace do not exist in Exiv2 database

Updating Exiv2 to last 0.25 fix the problem (libkexiv2 and digiKam need to
be updated too)

> > Does anyone know why this error message is repeated so many times?
> >
> Once per image/ xmp file, I guess.
This affect all images format...

Gilles Caulier
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