[Digikam-users] Import from iPhoto 9.5, XMP sidecar format

Jens Benecke jens-digikam at spamfreemail.de
Fri Dec 18 21:56:04 GMT 2015


I have extended and reworked my iPhoto conversion script and published 
it here:


I have a problem exporting face rectangles. I cannot get them from the 
XMP sidecar file into Digikam. I am using the exact same XMP format that 
Digikam produces when I let it *create* XMP sidecar files but Digikam 
simply shows no face rectangles when the files are loaded.

  Here is what I did:

1. Create face tags in a photo in Digikam.
2. Select Image / Write Metadata to file    (in Settings I have 
activated "read from sidecar" and "write to sidecar file")
3. Open sidecar file, extract XMP faces information
4. Replace the face location and name information with template variables
5. Use this template for my conversion script

But when I recreate the sidecar files (with different values) Digikam 
does not recognize the face information. Title, caption, description, 
rating, etc. are correctly imported however.

Q1: Here is an example face information. Does this (within the <rdf:RDF 
...> tag) have the right format?

    <mwg-rs:Regions rdf:parseType="Resource">
         <rdf:Description mwg-rs:Name="John Doe"
                          mwg-rs:Email="" mwg-rs:Type="Face">
          <mwg-rs:Area stArea:x="0.50781250"
                       stArea:h="0.07022677" stArea:unit="normalized" />

    <MP:RegionInfo rdf:parseType="Resource">
        MPReg:Rectangle="0.50781250, 0.28675933, 0.04687500, 0.07022677"
        MPReg:PersonDisplayName="John Doe"/>

Q2: When Digikam exports a sidecar file, the values for top left x and y 
are different for the mwg-rs and the MP structure above. Is this 
intentional? If so, how are both values calculated?

Thank you!


Am 28.08.2015 um 22:50 schrieb Jens Benecke:
> Thanks! Unfortunately, it's not so easy: iPhoto does not export 
> anything by itself.
> The iPhoto database consists of an "AlbumData.xml" file which contains 
> a lot, but not all, info about all images and which is being created 
> explicitly for apps that want to access the images read-only (eg. 
> viewers). This is documented.
> The rest (keywords, location names, flagged and hidden attributes, and 
> lots of internal info like whether an image has been modified and what 
> has been done with it) is scattered over half a dozen ".apdb" files 
> which are SQLite3 databases with an undocumented and sometimes cryptic 
> schema. I have done my best to decrypt and document this schema. Now I 
> need to find out where to write the image metadata so that Digikam and 
> as many other apps as possible can benefit.
> The Ruby script which I'm extending uses AlbumData.xml and two of the 
> SQLite3 databases to create XMP sidecar files which are then copied to 
> a directory structure in which the iPhoto images are hardlinked (to 
> minimize additional disk space). This new directory scheme can then be 
> imported by Digikam. If this works I can delete the iPhoto database 
> and the sidecar files again (or archive them, or just ignore them - 
> don't know yet). The actual image files (JPG, MP4, ...) should never 
> be modified themselves.
> My current implementation creates a JSON structure like this
>  [{"XMP:GPSLatitude":48.123,"XMP:GPSLongitude":8.789,"XMP:Headline":"Movie 
> Example","XMP:Rating":2,"XMP:description":"Whatever","SourceFile":"/......./IMG_5451.xmp"}] 
> and a command like this
>   exiftool -j=JSONFILE XMPFILE
> to generate XMP from the JSON input.
> Now, this JSON already contains GPS data, Title, description, rating, 
> and SourceFile. But it's missing the info below because I don't know 
> in which tags I should write it. I tried several combinations, but so 
> far I'm not successful. Any help - for example, an XMP file which 
> contains all metainformation that Digikam can import, would be great.
> Regards
> Jens
> Am 23.08.2015 um 16:25 schrieb Alan Pater:
>> I haven't seen a full sample XMP file, but if you are comfortable
>> reading code, the tags and properties that digikam imports are in
>> https://projects.kde.org/projects/extragear/graphics/digikam/repository/revisions/master/entry/libs/dmetadata/dmetadata.cpp 
>> I suspect you are covered for "caption, description/comment, ratings,
>> faces (rectangles, IDs and names), GPS location data + names. Not so
>> sure for image versions and "hidden" "flagged" attributes.
>> If you could share an exported XMP file from iPhoto?
>> On Sun, Aug 23, 2015 at 8:32 AM, Jens Benecke
>> <jens-digikam at spamfreemail.de>  wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> thank you! I browsed through the documentation but the number of 
>>> specific
>>> examples is very low (i.e. zero).
>>> Is there an example XMP sidecar file that
>>> - Digikam can fully import,
>>> - contains image versions, caption, description/comment, ratings, 
>>> "hidden"
>>> and "flagged" attributes, faces (rectangles, IDs and names), GPS 
>>> location
>>> data + names and so on?
>>> Is there any property that Digikam supports which can NOT be 
>>> imported using
>>> sidecar files?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Jens Benecke
>>> Am 19.08.2015 um 16:53 schrieb Alan Pater:
>>>> I can't claim a lot of expertise, but perhaps xmpMM DerivedFrom might
>>>> be what you are looking for. However, I am not sure what digikam uses
>>>> for image history.
>>>> http://wwwimages.adobe.com/content/dam/Adobe/en/devnet/xmp/pdfs/XMP%20SDK%20Release%20cc-2014-12/XMPSpecificationPart2.pdf#G4.1133171 
>>>> http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/TagNames/XMP.html#xmpMM
>>>> For your Face rectangles, the MWG Region properties are used by 
>>>> digikam.
>>>> http://www.metadataworkinggroup.org/pdf/mwg_guidance.pdf#page=51
>>>> http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/TagNames/MWG.html#Regions
>>>> Hopefully this is a bit of help on getting the conversion further 
>>>> along.
>>>> Cheers!
>>>> On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 4:24 PM, Jens Benecke
>>>> <jens-digikam at spamfreemail.de>  wrote:
>>>>> - Import modified photos as a second version of the original
>>>>>     ... how do I specify within the XMP sidecar that an image is a 
>>>>> second
>>>>> version of another image?
>>>>> - Face rectangles within images
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