[Digikam-users] Tags/Captions not working under windows 10?

Peter Lavender plaven at internode.on.net
Sat Dec 12 23:24:56 GMT 2015

Hi Everyone,

I've been using digikam on and off for a while now, mostly using 
rawtherapee to do all my raw processing, however I'm really looking for 
a DAM, hence the interest to get back into digikam.

I appreciate that digikam isn't as stable on windows, but I'm just 
wondering if/when tags stopped working.. I've installed 4.9.0, 4.11.0 
and 4.12.0 and under all of these the tags don't work at all.  You can 
click on the icon on the right side and digikam simply stops responding.

I know earlier versions worked under windows 7 as I used the tags quite 
a bit.

Should I report this to the bugs site?


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