[Digikam-users] usb external disk

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Wed Nov 12 11:51:55 GMT 2014


I have a problem, I don't know how it is related with digikam.

in short, when an external usb disk is sleeping or not mounted, digikam 
do not trigger the mount/awake procedure and simply thnik the disk is no 
more here.

I have this mostly with a 4Tb disk, very long to launch.

I can't even mount it on start (from fstab), the system bypass it.

But Dolphin manage it bery well, so kde seems to have the tools to do it 
and I guess Digikam should also do it.

this morning, I openned the disk in dolphin, then launched digikam. 
Digikam rescan the disk (approx one hour work).

one hour later, digika	m says "impossible to load photos" from this 
disk, it's sleeping. I go to dolphin and clic on the disk, it loads and 
then digikam sees it

it's digikam 3.5 - I don't really like the idea of upgrading to new 

but is this still the case on newer digikam?


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