[Digikam-users] congratulations

Gian Paolo Sanino Vattier gpsanino at vtr.net
Thu May 29 01:26:30 BST 2014

Dear Digikam developers and users,

I am just joining this forum, and I wanted to congratulate everybody
involved into this project developing and improving this excellent
application. Also, thanks to Gilles for his support about the editor and
nikon images (in 2012).

I am getting better with it but I am still struggling with my tags
management since some of them simply do not want to go away from the
metadata, while other just do not go from the database into the file's
metadata. This is happening to me with some files, not all of them, but
I cannot find where is the problem and cannot check each file... anyway,
I understand that this may be due to exiv2lib instead of Digikam.

I guess most people using Digikam are photographers, but I wanted to
share with you guys that this tool is helping many other fields as well.
Like me, as a biologist, I am using it to manage hundreds of thousands
of images assessing wildlife (cetaceans, wild cats, marine life etc)
occurrence, baselines, individual identifications, diseases, etc.
Digikam is one of my main tools and have connected its database with
LibreOffice.base to manage it externally as well (to make charts, apply
statistics, etc). Here you can follow one article about the use of
Digikam on field research: http://tinyurl.com/nvxm9k9

I have followed this great tool now for several years and it keeps
getting better and better.

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