[Digikam-users] dk 4.0 problems with cropping

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Fri May 23 18:29:57 BST 2014

On Onsdag den 21. maj 2014 17:00:13, Dr. Martin Senftleben wrote:
> I just installed dk 4 and found some serious problem when editing an
> image. I tried to crop an image (a rectangular selection out of the
> image) and then clicked "cut to selection" (or however it is called -
> in German it's "Auf Auswahl zuschneiden"). Suddenly there was a black
> bar at the bottom of the image. So I tried to select a smaller portion
> that didn't include the black bar, and also reduced the width of the
> selection a bit. After again hitting "cut to selection" I had the
> selection placed over the previous image. I first thought that's only
> a graphics card problem, but when I closed the editor, I saw that the
> image was in fact saved like I saw it before: the selection on top of
> the previous image, only resized to match the screen's size. So I had
> to reopen the image and again cut out the desired portion. This time
> it worked right. Most likely it's not easily reproducable, but I'll
> see, because such cropping I do quite often.
> Regards
> Martin

I'm hit by this to a degree of digikam being unusable :-(


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