[Digikam-users] Re : Re: 2 problems tagging multiple images

Phil philtuckey at free.fr
Thu May 22 19:28:07 BST 2014

On 22/05/14 14:27, maderios wrote:
> On 05/21/2014 05:57 PM, Phil wrote:
>> How do you force dk to only write xmp metadata? When I add a tag to an
>> image, dk writes it to 5 metadata fields, 4 of which are xmp but also
>> the IPTC Keywords field. Dk also writes various housekeeping information
>> to other IPTC fields.
> First, with Exiv2 tool (or an other one), I delete all unwanted tags
> from pictures
> http://www.exiv2.org/
> Then in DK, I disable all tags management except xmp:
> - settings, configure DK
> - metadata
> - behaviour: I clear all except image tags, read & write sidecar files
> (write to image and xmp sidecar), update file timestamp...,
> - display: unselect/clear all (exif, iptc, makernotes, etc) except xmp
> viewer
> -xmpviewer: select all
> Dont forget kipi plugins-> metadataEdit

Thanks. If I understand correctly, you say that the display settings 
don't only control display of metadata in dk, but also have an effect on 
which metadata dk writes to the image files? So with the above 
configuration, dk doesn't write the image tags to an IPTC:Keywords field 
in the image file?

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