[Digikam-users] 2 problems tagging multiple images

Phil philtuckey at free.fr
Mon May 19 22:24:57 BST 2014


I meet the following problems when tagging multiple images at the same 
time, in both 4.0.0 and 4.1.0. I don't see this problem in a 3.3.0 which 
I happen to have on another machine. Anyone else see this?

How to generate:
Select 10 images.
Apply a tag to all.

Problem 1, XMP metadata not always updated in image files:
When writing metadata to the image files, dk occasionally omits to write 
the new XMP metadata, leaving the previous XMP metadata in the image 
file. This can be seen by for example by tag fields not being updated 
when tags are changed and applied. You have to look through the images 
one-by-one to find one or two where this has happened. (The IPTC 
metadata is always written correctly, so when this happens there is a 
difference between the IPTC:Keywords (tags) field and the various XMP 
tags fields.)

Problem 2, xmp sidecars sometimes truncated:
Occasionally one or more of the xmp sidecars is truncated to just its 
first line, with a size of only 39 bytes. (Use a file manager to see 
that this has happened.)

If the problems don't show up the first time, change the tags and then 
re-apply. Over 2 or 3 cycles I always see both problems appear.

I see this behaviour when 10 (or more) images are selected. I have not 
seen it with only 1 or 2 images selected. I haven't checked in between.

The problems appear random. A file which has a problem the first time 
usually doesn't have it after tagging a second time.

The problems appear to be independent, i.e. when writing metadata to 
both sidecars and image files, they don't occur together, they affect 
different images.


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