[Digikam-users] Tagging deletes image-clueless

Sveinn í Felli sv1 at fellsnet.is
Sun May 4 13:53:59 BST 2014

Þann sun  4.maí 2014 07:32, skrifaði ARKPhot:
> Could that be related to the SSD in a way?

I set up a SSD (OCZ Agility3 160Gb) couple of years ago; 
during the first month it behaved great but then all kinds 
of wierdness started to bug me. At that time there were 
problems with implementation of the TRIM function which 
affects filesystems. Some drives were more affected than 
others, and since then the implementation in the Linux 
kernel has also been modified.
Maybe this is worth exploring?

Sveinn í Felli

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