[Digikam-users] Tagging deletes image-clueless

Elle Stone ellestone at ninedegreesbelow.com
Sun May 4 12:15:17 BST 2014

On 05/04/2014 05:55 AM, ARKPhot wrote:
> I seem to not have made myself entirely clear:

> Tagging in all other views/via context menu/sidebar etc. results in
> "spontaneous massive existence failure" of the image. (at least to me...)

> Here is what Debug says when I open enfuse-01.png then assign tag "Fanoe
> 2011". It takes a second for the data to get written to the file, then the
> file disappears. Any ideas which other process might be responsible?

Are all the disappearing files png files? Or are jpeg and tiff files 
similarly affected?

Elle Stone

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