[Digikam-users] Canon EOS 6D

Darryl Penny dpenny at contrast.photography
Fri May 2 11:34:52 BST 2014

On 05/02/2014 12:05 PM, Bob wrote:
> Hi Darryl,
>>> What happens if you connect your camera and then go to 
>>> Import>Cameras in the menu?  Does your camera show there and if so 
>>> can you find your images by clicking on the camera shown in the menu?
>> I have good and bad news :-/
>> 1) I forgot the SD card was recently reformatted and was empty!! Thus 
>> nothing showed up in the Import window  ...
>> 2) I took several pics, plugged in the 7D. The pics show up in the 
>> Import window. This means that Digikam does find the 7D automagically 
>> and opens the DCIM folder. Downloading, however, throws an error: 
>> "Album name cannot contain "/"."
>> I've no idea how to solve that - as I've set a standard Album name in 
>> Settings > Config Digikam > Cameras > Behaviour
>> 3) I then added the camera manually, but the outcome is the same.
> Perhaps check the path do you have set under Settings > Config Digikam 
> > Cameras >Collections  ? I would suggest removing that album name you 
> made under Behaviour and making sure the path is correct to where you 
> wish the images to be stored.

I found no Collections under Cameras, just Behaviour - I unchecked "Use 
a default album ..."
On Import I now go a step further to a dialogue which asks for a saving 
location. No matter if I choose a folder on either of my two local 
drives, I still get "Album name cannot contain '/'"

I've gone through the Settings and can see no obvious incorrect setting.


> Bob
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