[Digikam-users] name of the digikam list

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Mon Jun 16 09:04:22 BST 2014

Le 16/06/2014 10:00, Stuart T Rogers a écrit :
> Where exactly do you see a problem, I use Thunderbird and cant see any issue
> with it and the list name.
> Stuart
> On 16/06/14 08:25, jdd wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Don't know for you, but the extremely long name of the digikam list (the
>> part before the real e-mail) is breaking my thunderbird display.
>> I don't know where it come from :-(
>> thanks
>> jdd
it sends the icons on the title bar out of screen, making "spam" in the place 
of "delete" (and the "other actions menu as well).

and I don't see any use of a so long name :-(



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