[Digikam-users] Strange behaviour when writing metadata to images

Robert Zeller robert.zeller at robert-zeller.org
Wed Jun 11 11:50:17 BST 2014


I am running DK 4.0.0 on openSUSE 13.1.
I am encountering some very strange behavior when writing metadata to

1. All my images contain GPS-information; this information gets
displayed in the EXIF sidebar for some of the images, for others not,
although I can see the GPS-information. when clicking on image ->

2. When writing exif information to the image (jpgs), frequently - but
not always -  it happens that the image gets completely deleted from the
directory. This is true only when in the "Reading and Writing Metadata"
settings "Write to image and xmp sidecar" is activated. When writing
only to the xmp-sidecar images stay there. This means images get deleted
when writing new Exif-data into the image. This is most annoying if you
don't have a backup of your images.

I am using the DK version that is being distributed together with
openSUSE 13.1; but I also saw this behavior on a version that I compiled
Has anybody any clue what is wrong?

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