[Digikam-users] Import from SD card with renaming and convert to lossless doesn't work as expected

Robert Susmilch robert at susmilch.com
Sun Jun 8 22:51:36 BST 2014

Hello all, looking for some advice or perhaps it's a bug.

Trying to import from my camera sd card into digiKam 4.0 compiled on 
Fedora 20 x64.  When I check rotate and convert to lossless tiff file, 
it indeed converts to a tiff file, however it ends with a JPG 
extension.  Dolphin file manager claims it is a tiff file in properties, 
and normal jpegs straight from the camera are jpg in file properties so 
I believe it is converting the files.

I've tried using the rename rules to try to force a tiff extension, but 
the rename rules are very poorly documented.  I have searched high and 
low and all I EVER find is the simple date example, nothing to explain 
how to use things like [dir] or [file].

If I use batch queue manager to create a rotate and convert to tiff file 
it does indeed add .tif and renames it as expected.  However it calls it 
a new image which is a new version of the same image (which I guess is 
expected), any way to batch convert to lossless files, removing the 
original jpg and keeping all the metadata like tags and such with the 
new tiff or png?

And lastly I was trying to import into folder hierarchy like fspot (I 
believe) such as yyyy/MM/dd/files... but digiKam won't let me use "/" 
and the undocumented rename options don't help.  Ended up using exiftool 
to copy all the images into such a folder system and will sort it out in 
digikam by syncing metadata from the images.

Appreciate any help,


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