[Digikam-users] preview takes a long time

Wolfgang Strobel wolfgang_strobel at yahoo.de
Thu Jun 5 19:59:59 BST 2014


I have now re-import a part of the images in a new sqlite database. if
the database has little pictures are included (about 1K) is the screen
change in the preview quite quickly.
After importing other images (total 91K), the picture changes and
displaying the image again very slowly in the preview.
this problem occurs certainly with other users on windows also.

how can the image display can be substantially accelerated?

digiKam version 3.4.0
BMP: 119
GIF: 85
JP2: 2
JPG: 90731
PCX: 3
PNG: 1
TIFF: 375
XCF: 65
Total: 91381
AVI: 19
MOV: 58
Total: 77
Total number of entries: 91458
Albums: 1358
Tags: 2995
Database driver: QSQLITE

for constructive help in advance already thank you very much


Am 29.05.2014 22:06, schrieb Wolfgang Strobel:
> When I'm in digikam change into the preview directly to the next
> image, it takes 5 seconds until the picture appears.
> In light table with the same album the image at several historic image
> change is immediately there.
> How can the screen changes are accelerated directly in digikam so that
> here also the next image is displayed faster?
> Digikam runs on Windows 7 64bit
> Digikam Version 3.4.0 beta (no newer version available)
> hoping for an answer
> Wolfgang
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