[Digikam-users] digikam 4.1 bugs

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Mon Jul 21 15:07:05 BST 2014


I finally got an update to digikam 4.1, and it feels fast and nice.

However, within the editor, some bugs resist, notacibly the problem with 
preview sizes seems to persist.'

This problem is very odd, it does not affect all tools, and the behavior is not 
consistent, sometimes the order of tools used affects the behavior.

After conversion from RAW, using the curve tool, the initial preview is 
missized, on my screen it is set to 12%, which may be the preview size in the 
album view, with two sidebars visible.

In my opinion, if the size in the editor is "fit to window size", this setting 
should be sticky when activating tools (whatever setting in the editor window 
should stick, in fact).

Another problem is with the preview of the effect of a tool. I use consequently 
"mouse over" type preview, and Since 4.0, I have to move the mouse into the 
preview and out again to see the preview, which was not the case in 3.6 - a 
regression :0

Let me know, if I should rather file explicit bugs than explaining here!


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