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Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Tue Jul 1 13:31:16 BST 2014

Hi Anders,

I can't see the options you talk about.  The 'Slideshow' button has 3 
options, 'All', 'Selection' and 'With All Sub-Albums' there is no 
'Advanced' option, also the menu 'View' > 'Slideshow' has those same 

I have created an Advanced Search to get the pictures I want, but there 
are no view options in there that I can see.

Am I missing something here?  I am running DK 4.1.0


On 30/06/14 13:24, Anders Kamf wrote:
> Hi Mick!
> You can use the Advanced Slideshow function. Click on the Slideshow 
> button and select Advanced Slideshow in the dropdown menu, or press 
> Alt+Shift+F9. From here you can choose random order, transition effect 
> and others.
> Note that any filters applied won't have any effect here. I.e. it is 
> not only the pictures currently showing that will be included in the 
> slideshow, instead all pictures in the shown album will be included 
> (which is not the same behavior as when selecting the usual 
> slideshow). You need to create an advanced search and select Advanced 
> Slideshow from there in order to apply filter on what you want to show.
> Regards
> Anders
> 2014-06-28 11:25 GMT+02:00 Mick Sulley <mick at sulley.info 
> <mailto:mick at sulley.info>>:
>     Is there any way to display a slide show in random order?  I have
>     a large number of family pictures and I want to set up a slide
>     show to run on the TV for a party, and it would be much better if
>     they were in random rather than date order.
>     Thanks
>     Mick
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