[Digikam-users] articuRe: Preview is "better" than RAW conversion?

Niels Ott niels at delta-b.net
Sun Aug 31 11:54:14 BST 2014

Am 31.08.2014 um 12:36 schrieb Remco Viƫtor:
> That preview jpeg has had all the treatments applied to it that a 'normal' 
> in camera jpeg would get, including brightness, contrast, and saturation 
> adjustments, and noise reduction and sharpening.
> If you do your own RAW development, those adjustments are not automatically 
> applied (although some RAW developers from the camera makers do apply 
> them). 
> Particularly sharpening will have to be applied separately, and you always 
> need some sharpening (to correct for the anti-alias filter in the camera, 
> and the softness from the demosaicing)

Thanks for the explanation, Remco & Gilles!

I knew that there was an embedded JPEG preview but I didn't think
DigiKam would use it since I thought it was too small.

I know that those adjustments have to be applied in RAW development
manually, this is what I do for good shots and I usually like the
results better than the preview.

Concerning sharpening, I only do this when it comes to actual usage of
the image - this is why I store edited images as PNG. For web use, I
usually open them in Gimp, resize them and then apply the unsharp mask
filter. For prints, I use the sharpening of DigiKam and save as PNG
again. (Even though, most likely the prints don't make show 16bit color
depth, so I could also do this in Gimp and save as 100% quality JPEGs)

It's just that sometimes I want to give people all pictures from an
event quickly and they should look great. (The pictures, not the people.
Well, both.)

So what I've learned is that DigiKam can't replicate the behavior of my
camera that creates the JPEG preview in the PEFs. Or is there a way?

Otherwise I guess I'd go for shooting in PEF+JPEG, which the K-7 can do.
(My K100D that I've been using for years was not able to do this. BTW,
I'm about to sell it. Anyone? ;-) )


> Regards, 
> Remco 
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