[Digikam-users] How to stop "watermark" reducing the size of the pictures?

cerp cerp at eeos.biz
Thu Aug 28 08:43:04 BST 2014

Dear all,

We use the watermark function to add the copyright in the bottom right  
corner of the pictures.

The pictures are taken using in camera jpeg generation, which normally  
has very high quality.

When we watermark in digikam, it reduces the size of the jpeg file  
from approximately 4Mb to 1.8Mb with a considerable loss of quality.  
We have tried setting all the parameters we could think, but without  
being able to stop this behavior. What I would like is the original  
picture with the watermark saved at the same resolution without  
additional compression  .... how do I achieve it?

Thanks for your help.


Corrado & Rina


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