[Digikam-users] Color depth in lossless formats

Milan Knížek knizek.confy at gmail.com
Tue Aug 26 21:06:43 BST 2014

Niels Ott píše v Po 25. 08. 2014 v 10:51 +0200:
> Hi there,
> Also, I'm stunned by JPEG2000's apparently superior lossless performance
> (and flabbergasted by the tremendously slow implementation) - or is
> there simply something going wrong here?
Things might have change since I looked at JPEG2000 implementation:
then, it was not capable of storing colour profile (ICC). Also check if
it can store XMP (well, you could workaround that by a side-car file,
even that it is not so convenient).

It is a pitty they kept the wavelet compression proprietary, they just
digged a grave for it.

I personally use plain JPEG at full resolution with some not-so-high
quality settings - enough for tagging and web publishing - and keep the
original RAW file with XMP of darktable (which I use to develop RAWs).

Only when it is intended for print on sufficiently capable printer, I
use 16-bit TIFF.


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