[Digikam-users] losing usability

Dr. Martin Senftleben linux at drmartinus.de
Mon Aug 25 14:58:19 BST 2014


I'm sorry I'm complaining again. I just got started with digikam 4.2 and
feel really sad, because what is probably considered an improvement, has
made things worse - at least for me (and I guess I'm not the only one).
Right now there's only one thing I want to mention:
When editing an image, after applying "local contrast" you get the
option to try it out. If you do, you get a split image, one side before,
the other, after. It's impossible to tell what is better because now
both sides compete with each other. It was much better when it was
possible to look at the whole picture in both states by moving the
cursor over the image or moving it away. This way one had the chance to
compare the entire image. Now, I have no idea how the other half of the
image might look like, and this may be vital as the other half can be
entirely different in light composition (just think - one half in the
shadow, the other in the light - it becomes useless).
I admit, I haven't dug my way through the settings yet, but if there is
a possibility to choose another way of display, then it should be right
there. It's already annoying (my impression) that I have to click the
"try out" button before I get any result. I know some people may want to
alter the settings before they apply the changes, but I was always
content with the available settings, so for me it's a step more in
working with my images.
And I still want the thumbnail list of the album images back in the
editor without having to select them first. For what is the thumbnail
sidebar if not to make it possible to have all other images available?

Well, I guess I have to put up with it, as there are no good
alternatives. But I don't really understand why digikam seems to be
loosing in usability with every new release.



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