[Digikam-users] [party solved] how to migrate to mysql

Wybo wybo at dekkerdocumenten.nl
Thu Aug 21 15:35:42 BST 2014

On 2014-08-16 11:37, I wrote:
> I want to migrate my frequently crashing digikam sqlite database to my
> mysql database on my Synology station, but the migration tool says:
> Database connection test was not successful.
> Error was: Access denied for user 'wybo'@'wybo.fritz.box' (using
> password: YES) QMYSQL: Unable to connect

I finally found out, via the mysql at lists.mysql.com, that the problem was that I 
had to grant access to the database for 'wybo'@'wybo.fritz.box'  by executing an 
sql command via phpMysqlAdmin:

GRANT <the permissions you want to give> on *.* to
'wybo'@'wybo.fritz.box' IDENTIFIED BY 'password goes here in plain text'

This solved my access problems, although database migration did not work.
I simply removed all sqlite stuff and made a fresh start by first changing the 
database to mysql (without any albums) and then adding new albums.

However: the system seems to be completely useless, because after leaving the 
digikam window alone for some time (maybe the 24 minute timeout of the database) 
all thumbnails and even the albums disappear, and digikam has to be restarted 
and begins the image/thumbnail scan again, which can take hours.
Perhaps I'm doing something wrong again...

> My Synology station is on,
> the database listens to port 3306,
> on my FritzBox I forwarded port 3306 to,
> I can connect to the database on
> I specified dk for the Schema name and dktn for the thumbnails Schema
> name, and whether or not I created those (empty) mysql databases makes
> no difference.
> What am I doing wrong?


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