[Digikam-users] migrated windows digikam to new laptop - databases doubled in size

George Pearson george at canals.com
Tue Aug 19 16:26:25 BST 2014

I moved my picture collection from my old XP laptop, running digikam 3.2.0, to 
a new Windows 8.1 laptop, where I installed digikam 4.2.0 (-2).  The copy 
included digikam4.db and thumbnails-digikam.db.  It appears that digikam as 
absorbed all of the images again as new ones, as both dbs have doubled in size.

Clearly I must have done something wrong in this migration, but in my defense, 
I have to say that I searched like crazy for advice before starting, but found 
no real advice.

I'd like to give this migration another shot.  Here's what I did the first 

- copied picture collection (including dbs) first, using robocopy to preserve 
date stamps (/MIR option)
- installed digigam 4.2.0 (-2) for windows on new 8.1 laptop
- started digikam - NO albums were visible at this time
- went to add collection - saw old directory there from old laptop (though I 
had set new directory during installation)
- added collection for directory on new laptop - this, I think, I what probably 
started the duplication of the dbs
- later, albums started to appear, and the dbs are roughly twice as big

How should I have done this?  (This could be a good FAQ item.)

BTW, I noticed there's a "database migration" menu item, but I saw no 
documentation, and it did no look like it applied to what I was doing.

P.S.  I think digikam is great, and now with the new laptop I should be able to 
take better advantage of it than on my old machine.

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