[Digikam-users] lenscorrection from batch queue doesn't work for canon powershot g1x

Joachim Ullrich joachim at schoell-ullrich.de
Sat Aug 16 17:51:42 BST 2014


I see an interesting behavior when trying to do lens correction for a 
canon power shot g1 x (compact camera):
I use digikam 3.2 with lensfun 0.2.8-1.2 (I had to update lensfun as the 
version 0.2.6 from the distribution didn't provide data for the canon g1 x).

I had to correct the lensfun data in compact-canon.xml because the 
camera id as it written to the exifdata is "G1 X" whereas lensfun has a 
definition for a "G1X" (no space). With this patch lenscorrection works 
fine from the image editor. Based on the metadata of the image the 
correct lens correction data are used.

The same procedure from within the batch queue doesn't work. The 
progress window shows the following sequence of messages (in 
/18:05:15 :: Eintrag „IMG_1397.CR2“ aus Warteschlange „#1“: 
Verarbeitung läuft .../
/18:05:18 :: Eintrag „IMG_1397.CR2“ aus Warteschlange „#1“: 
Bearbeitung des Eintrags ist fehlgeschlagen .../
/18:05:18 :: Eintrag „IMG_1397.CR2“ aus Warteschlange „#1“: 
Informationen über die Linse können nicht gefunden werden, um die 
Linsenautokorrektur durchzuführen/

The third line tells, that no lens correction information was found. But 
the image editor did find the lensdata. Neither console output nor using 
strace to inspect file accesses give any hint, what the problem is.

It seems not to be a general problem as lens correction for images 
from a canon slr works fine with batch and with editor mode.

Any hints are appreciated, as with low focal length (15 mm) the lens 
distortion of the g1x is not acceptable.

Best Regards
Joachim Ullrich
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