[Digikam-users] Integration with external editors

Jake Vickers jake at v2gnu.com
Sun Aug 17 14:04:03 BST 2014

This may have been asked before - I find some old posts via google, but 
not too much current.
I'm still learning to use digikam, and feel more comfortable editing my 
raw files in darktable.
My workflow is this:
Import images using digikam
rate, tag, cull images using digikam
edit in darktable
     export to jpg and post/print

I would like to have the ability to send an image from digikam to 
darktable, perform edits, and have edited image re-imported back into 
digikam (maybe as a new version?)
Is this possible, or planned? I would imagine a number of people prefer 
different editors and would like the ability to send an image from 
digikam to their editor and have the edited image come back into digikam 
for cataloging.

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