[Digikam-users] Error accessing photo properties

mick miiick at yahoo.com.au
Thu Aug 7 12:20:03 BST 2014


I am looking for a few pointers on troubleshooting I can do on my
installation of Digikam.

Currently every time I click on the "properties" icon for a photo
Digikam crashes.  I have run it from a console session but there is no
useful output, there is nothing in /var/log/messages.

I am pretty sure that this is not a bug with Digikam but is a problem
with my installation which could be Digikam or one of the libraries it
requires (e.g. libpng16).

I am not expecting a solution but a few suggestions on additional
troubleshooting steps or log files to check.

Digikam version 4.2.0
OS: OpenSUSE 13.1

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