[Digikam-users] Out of memory during face tagging

Jeff Robinson jeffnik at anecho.mb.ca
Fri Aug 8 03:32:25 BST 2014

Hi folks,

I have two installs of Digikam, one on a desktop machine that works
flawlessly and a second install on a laptop that grinds to a halt when I
tag faces.

It appears that I run out of both physical memory (8G) and swap (8G) on
my laptop but not on the desktop machine (16G RAM and 34G swap).

Digikam seems to correctly tag the photos (as evident next time I start
Digikam), and gives the status of writing the metadata, but is left
showing the "Applying processes" status... but doesn't proceed beyond
that point.  The physical memory and swap file then get used up and
eventually Digikam is killed by the system.

I don't know if this is related to my digikam4.db being 118M, or if this
is some other issue that I can fix on my end.  I did end up compiling
the most recent version of sqlite that I could find (3.8.5) in hopes
that I could head off the issue there.

Any recommendations as to how to proceed?


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