[Digikam-users] Returning to Digikam, a couple of questions about metadata etc.

cl at isbd.net cl at isbd.net
Tue Apr 22 11:01:40 BST 2014

Bast! <bast at abwesend.de> wrote:
> Menu Settings
>   /Configure Digikam
>     /Metadata (icon list on the left side)
>       /Behavior (tab on top)
>         /Reading and Writing Metadata
> That is where you can set it to write do XMP files next to the original
> files or write them to into the image itself.
Thank you, that sounds like what I'm looking for, I obviously didn't
dig hard enough.

> There is also the export option.
> Menu Tools
>   /Maintenance
>     /Sync Metadata and database
> Chose from database to image metadata.
That's useful too, so I can synchronise changes either way.

Chris Green

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