[Digikam-users] Great offer: Order lens calibrations

Torsten Bronger bronger at physik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Apr 17 07:40:46 BST 2014


digiKam uses Lensfun for lens correction (distortion, CA,
vignetting).  However, someone must have done calibration pictures
for your lenses so that this works.

http://www.lensrentals.com/ offered to take calibration pictures for
the open-source community.  I think the best approach is to ask you,
the community, which lenses are most wanted.  On
<http://wilson.bronger.org/lensrentals.html>, I list all lenses that
they have in their repository and that are not yet in Lensfun.

If you wish lenses to be supported in digiKam, look them up in this
list and send an email with their names to me.  Please note that
nobody can *guarantee* that they will be included this way.
Alternatively, you are invited to take calibration pictures yourself
and upload them at <http://wilson.bronger.org/calibration>.


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