[Digikam-users] Geolocation in Raw Imagefiles

Joachim Ullrich info at schoell-ullrich.de
Sun Apr 6 18:37:25 BST 2014

Hello all,

I geolocalize all my photos. With raw files I configured digikam to write to 
sidecar files (xmp). This works fine for comments, tags and selection 
criteria. I expected to find the gps coordinates in the xmp file, but that is 
not the case.

I used "image->write meta data to image file" to enforce an update of the meta 
data in the xmp file. The timestamp of the xmp file changes, but gps positions 
are not written to.

With jpg files, digikam writes the gps position to the image file as I have 
checked with exiftool.

Anyhow digikam knows the gps position for the raw image and associates the gps 
positions to the jpg files, which are generated from the raw files. But these 
positions are not written to the image file. Even using the command from the 

I assume the the positions are stored in the database. Is there a easy way to 
read the position from the database by a script? Writing to the image file or 
the xmp file using exiftool is done easily.

Thanks for help


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