[Digikam-users] Some images not showing up in album

Erich Steiner eru at steineria.ch
Tue Sep 10 23:10:53 BST 2013

Hello all

I have some very strange effect in digikam 3.3.0 (linux).
Let's say I have an album ALBUM1 with many images IMG1 IMG2 IMG3...
For no reason digikam is not showing e.g. IMG2.
I did several restarts, even started deleting everything in some tables:

delete from imagerelations;
delete from imagetags where tagid in (4, 5, 6, 7); #these are the 
internal tags for version stuff
delete from imagehistory;

nothing helped. I also opened the image with gimp to see if the file is 
corrupted, but gimp had no problem with it.

Then did some copying around on the shell:

mkdir ALBUM2
cp ALBUM1/IMG1 ALBUM2 # shows up in digikam
cp ALBUM1/IMG2 ALBUM2 # shows *not* up

hmm, then

cp ALBUM1/IMG1 ALBUM2/IMG2 # IMG2 shows up but of course it contains the 
other image

cp ALBUM1/IMG2 ALBUM2/IMG2 # *now IMG2 shows up with the proper content*

cp ALBUM2/IMG2 ALBUM1/IMG2 # *now also in original directory IMG2 shows 

How can this happen?
Btw. those images were originaly created using the batch queue manager.

Thanks for some advice

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