[Digikam-users] Digikam-3.4.0 crashes frequently - face recognition/detection

Mike Booth mikebooth76 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 9 03:31:10 BST 2013

I have spent hours manually tagging photos in Digikam whilst waiting for face r/d to 

I find this part of DG incredibly unstable/unreliable although I am impressed with rest 
of  it.

I've include console output of the latest crashes ( means nothing to me) and also 
output of the " Components Inf" dialog.

Also "Unknown"  has about 3800 pictures in it  and I have 40 tags.

_Console Output_


_QSqlDatabasePrivate::removeDatabase: connection 'ConnectionTest' is still in use, all 
queries will cease to work._

_terminate called after throwing an instance of 'DJVU::GException'_

_QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 7 and type 'Read', disabling..._

_QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 10 and type 'Read', disabling..._

_digikam: Fatal IO error: client killed_

_KCrash: Application 'digikam' crashing..._

_KCrash: Attempting to start /usr/lib/kde4/libexec/drkonqi from kdeinit_


_[1]+  Stopped                 digikam_

_bash-4.2# QSocketNotifier: Invalid socket 11 and type 'Read', disabling..._

_Component Info_

_digiKam version 3.4.0_
_Exiv2 can write to Jp2: Yes_
_Exiv2 can write to Jpeg: Yes_
_Exiv2 can write to Pgf: Yes_
_Exiv2 can write to Png: Yes_
_Exiv2 can write to Tiff: Yes_
_Exiv2 supports XMP metadata: Yes_
_LibCImg: 130_
_LibEigen: 3.2.0_
_LibExiv2: 0.23_
_LibJPEG: 80_
_LibJasper: 1.900.1_
_LibKDE: 4.11.1_
_LibKExiv2: 2.3.1_
_LibKGeoMap: 2.0.0_
_LibKdcraw: 2.3.1_
_LibLCMS: 119_
_LibLensFun: 0.2.7-0_
_LibPGF: 6.12.24 - external shared library_
_LibPNG: 1.5.17_
_LibQt: 4.8.5_
_LibRaw: 0.15.3_
_LibTIFF: LIBTIFF, Version 3.9.6 Copyright (c) 1988-1996 Sam Leffler Copyright (c) 
1991-1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc._
_Marble Widget: 0.16.1 (stable version)_
_Parallelized PGF codec: No_
_Parallelized demosaicing: No_
_RawSpeed codec support: No_
_Database backend: QSQLITE_
_Kipi-Plugins: 3.4.0_
_LibGphoto2: 2.5.2_
_LibKface: 3.0.0_
_LibKipi: 2.1.0_

Maybe someone can tell me if I'm missing something before I pull my hair out



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