[Digikam-users] Creating a collage

Andrew Goodbody elfringham at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 21:00:54 BST 2013

On 03/09/13 09:33, jdd wrote:
> Le 03/09/2013 09:30, Stuart T Rogers a écrit :
>> I just tried this and find you can only move the image when clicking
>> on the centre and dragging.
> oh... and this unblocked all the process
> thanks
> jdd

I am using dk 3.1.0.
When I start the photo layouts editor tool nothing seems to work. The 
cursor is the standard arrow pointer. Looking to the right hand panel 
under tools I see that the icon showing a hand is selected. OK, this 
suggests moving to me but clicking on the images does not move them at 
all. Clicking on the icon showing an arrow, which suggests select, now 
allows me to select the pictures. Clicking on the hand icon now turns 
the cursor into a hand. Clicking on an image makes the hand grip but 
nothing moves.

Finally I hover the cursor over the hand icon to get the tool tip. Up it 
comes 'Viewing tool' - what on earth does that mean? I then hover the 
cursor over the arrow icon and finally the tool tip gives a clue as to 
what is going on - 'Allows to select and move images on canvas'.

So the arrow icon tool not only allows selection of the images but also 
moves them. What of the hand icon then? It still suggests movement but 
nothing happens with it. Finally I try and reduce the size of the window 
so that it is smaller than the canvas. Now the hand icon moves the whole 
canvas around in the view port.

The fact that the hand icon is selected at the beginning but the cursor 
is an arrow is a small bug.

The tool tip for the arrow is bad grammar and too long but at least 
tells you what is happening even if that is not what you would expect. 
It would be better saying just 'Select and move images'.

The tool tip for the hand icon conveys nothing to me. Maybe 'Panning 
tool' would be better. Personally I would remove this tool completely as 
it is not actually needed. You can perform the panning with the 
scrollbars or you could make the cursor keys pan the canvas. At the 
least the default tool selected initially should be the 'Select and 
move' tool.


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