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cgw993 at aol.com cgw993 at aol.com
Mon Sep 2 19:56:02 BST 2013

Ok you insulted me.   Why not address the specific points I made then?
Instead of labeling me, why  not explain why I am wrong?  The reason is that
you cant, I am right and can easily prove it and have.

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Am 02.09.2013 11:40, schrieb cgw993 at aol.com:

> -Last note - My posts generate replies because I am right.  

Your conclusions and your definition of "right" are *very* weird.

Sick logic.

> -I wonder how many more emails I will be here before some user 
> subjugating moderator censors me.

I wonder why an outlook user and AOL member complains about spying in open
source software. Go figure!

You qualfied as an stupid troll, putting up a cheap flame bait.

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