[Digikam-users] Greetings

Jean-François Rabasse jf at e-artefact.eu
Mon Sep 2 12:13:29 BST 2013

On Mon, 2 Sep 2013, Remco Viëtor wrote:

> Yeah, seems we got us a troll, apologies for feeding it.

:-) That's exactly what I was suspecting.


The overall speech contains many known trolls « weapons », e.g. :

> - My posts generate replies because I am right.
Nonsense, obviously, as discussions lists and forums are based on 
questions and replies. A post to a list that wouldn't generate
replies would indicate a dead list, and Digikam community seems
well alive and active. (Perhaps the software isn't as « Big brother »
as it could seem at first glance:-)

>  -I wonder how many more emails I will be here before some user 
> subjugating moderator censors me.
Another classical troll behaviour, loving to count how many messages
could be sent before being banned from a forum.


PS: also, people really worried about their personal privacy would
probably not use a mailing portal as AOL that dispatch to everyone's
knowledge their originating IP, thus allowing user localization 
around San Clemente, CA, United States

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