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Le Mon, 02 Sep 2013 10:38:32 +0200, <cgw993 at aol.com> a écrit:

> Greetings,
> I just installed Digikam. My review of the software so far -
> 1. Digikam opened at least 3 separate connections the internet. Why?!  
> I had
> to shut these connections down with my firewall.   The program certainty
> does not make this obvious to any typical user.   I think there may have
> been more than 3 but its late and I will search more tomorrow before I
> uninstall it.    There can be no legitimate reason for this and this was  
> not disclosed explicitly on installation.

No comment, see Gilles answer

> 2. Digikam does not make it easy to navigate drives/folders on the 
> computer to find photos.  This is the entire  point of photo 
> management software to begin with! It seems more designed to get the 
> user to relinquish control of their current photo organization to 
> digikam.

Digikam doesn't offer the possibility to browse directly your drive, you
have to define folder as collection to tell where photos are located and
consequently which photos do want to manage with digikam.

It's a strange behavior for a spying program to permit you tell it which
photos it can watch, no ?  Ugh.

Apart if you spread your photos everywhere in your drive, or your not enough
patient to set digikam properly, I don't see a matter with digikam way of
managing datas, and even in this case, you probably can set your entire
drive as a collection, it's probably not the cleverest thing to do but it
should be possible.

Think about other program which doesn't let you at all where you want to
stock your pictures.  Ugh ^2

> 3.  To newer users of "open source".   Free software does not mean the
> software will not spy on you, or do things you would resent, or anything
> else the developer(s) maybe have wanted it to do.   It does mean though  
> that
> the software can be changed because the source is available.   A good
> example of free software that spies on its users is Ubunto.  Users did 
> not like this, so a modified version was made that did not spy on the 
> users.
> Free software makes this possible. Please see Richard Stallman's 
> youtube video on Ubunto.

It's something slightly different I thing, Ubuntu (not Ubunto) use some
closed source elements, so, we can't know exactly what these elements does.
***It is clear you don’t know which part of Ubunto I referred to, watch the
video.**   Personally I use Ubuntu and don't really mind about this **Who
cares? Good that you have the freedom to decide though. Ubunto spies on
users, this is well documented and this takes away the users choice ***, I'm
not sure Windows or MacOSX users are more protected in this case, and except
if you use strongly secured internet connection and network (as using tor),
each time you go on internet many server spy on you. **Data still gets
transmitted, data that has nothing to do with what the users wants, and more
to do to supplying Google with YOUR data for Google's profit**

The fact Digikam is free software / open source doesn't just mean you can
change it, it means too you can see what it does by reading the source, and
since many years digikam exists, if it spy its users, I think it would be
well known now ? Don't you think ?  **Not necessarily, see Ubunto youtube
video by Richard Stallman and listen carefully**

If as suggest Gilles, the internet connection is initiated by geo-location
online map feature, you may build your own digikam without these features or
stop waste our time and use another software.  **Like I said, my intent is
to inform users that may not be aware of these issues., if the
moderator/salesman doesn’t like it, then can abuse their power by censoring

> Profiting by spying on and data mining users data is fine I guess, as 
> long as the user has given EXPLICIT permission to do this every time, 
> not via
> some vague end user license agreement that nobody reads.   Digikam has  
> not
> made adequate disclosure to it's users.

You give your permission by choosing it and installing it **I did not give
it permission to open at least 3 internet connections without my consent and
especially not to allow Google access to any of my photos or other data**
but anyway I don't thing Digikam spy your datas ** Google, Adobe, Apple,
Microsoft and others also don’t believe they spy on people either and have
said so publically many times **  . Does Firefox spying you because it opens
internet connections  **What a clever point....:|**

> My Digikam review Grade - F
> Requested Modifications  - Do not spy on or data mine users photos or 
> any other data, or do anything else without the users explicit and clear
> consent!   Allow users to easily navigate their own photos.  If spying on
> the users must be a feature, THEN DISLCOSE IT CLEARLY!

My review Grade : A since it's a wonderful "Free software" and should be
encouraged as it merits !

Nicolas Boulesteix
Photographe chasseur de lueurs
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