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2013/9/2  <cgw993 at aol.com>:
> Greetings,
> I just installed Digikam. My review of the software so far -
> 1. Digikam opened at least 3 separate connections the internet. Why?!  I
> to shut these connections down with my firewall.   The program certainty
> does not make this obvious to any typical user.   I think there may have
> been more than 3 but its late and I will search more tomorrow before I
> uninstall it.    There can be no legitimate reason for this and this was
> disclosed explicitly on installation.

It's probably Geo-location feature through GoogleMaps or OpenStreetmap.

How did you check these internet connections ?

> 2. Digikam does not make it easy to navigate drives/folders on the 
> computer to find photos.  This is the entire  point of photo 
> management software to begin with! It seems more designed to get the 
> user to relinquish control of their current photo organization to digikam.

Really ???

> 3.  To newer users of "open source".   Free software does not mean the
> software will not spy on you, or do things you would resent, or anything
> else the developer(s) maybe have wanted it to do.   It does mean though
> the software can be changed because the source is available.   A good
> example of free software that spies on its users is Ubunto.  Users did 
> not like this, so a modified version was made that did not spy on the
> Free software makes this possible. Please see Richard Stallman's 
> youtube video on Ubunto.
> Profiting by spying on and data mining users data is fine I guess, as 
> long as the user has given EXPLICIT permission to do this every time, not
> some vague end user license agreement that nobody reads.   Digikam has not
> made adequate disclosure to it's users.
> My Digikam review Grade - F

Who are you exactly to judge this project and this team ?

> Requested Modifications  - Do not spy on or data mine users photos or 
> any other data, or do anything else without the users explicit and clear
> consent!   Allow users to easily navigate their own photos.  If spying on
> the users must be a feature, THEN DISLCOSE IT CLEARLY!

I will not review this review anymore, from somebody who don't want to learn
how work the software, and write a mess and a dummy analysis of a long time
open-source project...

Gilles Caulier

- I just want to organize my photos.  Good to know Google is involved, of
course they are.  Google loves "forced features", features that require a
great deal of work to turn off assuming it is even possible at all.
-I do not personally like digikams features, I am sure the "salesmen" types
here love the features.
-I was briefly a Digicam user, that is who I am.  If you want to subjugate
and profit by stealing peoples data and spying on them, try the full
disclosure route first. 
-Last note - My posts generate replies because I am right.  There is never,
ever an excuse to allow a developer to subjugate and spy on users.  I can
only speak for myself in that the software seems extremely unethical and
since I am right, I hope to be able to help the 1 or 2 people that may get
this by having them think about the issue instead of blindly trusting the
-I wonder how many more emails I will be here before some user subjugating
moderator censors me.

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