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I just installed Digikam. My review of the software so far -


1. Digikam opened at least 3 separate connections the internet. Why?!  I had
to shut these connections down with my firewall.   The program certainty
does not make this obvious to any typical user.   I think there may have
been more than 3 but its late and I will search more tomorrow before I
uninstall it.    There can be no legitimate reason for this and this was not
disclosed explicitly on installation. 


2. Digikam does not make it easy to navigate drives/folders on the computer
to find photos.  This is the entire  point of photo management software to
begin with! It seems more designed to get the user to relinquish control of
their current photo organization to digikam.


3.  To newer users of "open source".   Free software does not mean the
software will not spy on you, or do things you would resent, or anything
else the developer(s) maybe have wanted it to do.   It does mean though that
the software can be changed because the source is available.   A good
example of free software that spies on its users is Ubunto.  Users did not
like this, so a modified version was made that did not spy on the users.
Free software makes this possible. Please see Richard Stallman's youtube
video on Ubunto.



Profiting by spying on and data mining users data is fine I guess, as long
as the user has given EXPLICIT permission to do this every time, not via
some vague end user license agreement that nobody reads.   Digikam has not
made adequate disclosure to it's users.  


My Digikam review Grade - F


Requested Modifications  - Do not spy on or data mine users photos or any
other data, or do anything else without the users explicit and clear
consent!   Allow users to easily navigate their own photos.  If spying on
the users must be a feature, THEN DISLCOSE IT CLEARLY!



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